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    Asus GPU Tweak 2 , no startup and fun 0%->100% possible solution

    Hi 2 all,

    and sorry 4 my english.

    Hardware: Asus GTX 1050Ti OS Strix
    Soft: Win10Pro 64bit +GPU Tweak 2 Ver (2016/10/25) +last Driver Nvidia

    First problem: 2 fans are not regulated and funspeed is not displayed. Funs worked either stay, or maximum speed.
    My solution: I installed the software on a disc D: (or "C:\asus\gputweak") and now Tweaker is working properly!
    The problem was with no access to the configuration file >>InitData_Card1.ini<<

    Second Trouble: No autostart.
    My solution:
    1. GPUSettings: uncheck "Automatically Start .. " Startup and Monitor. and APPLY !
    2. WIN+R, Taskschd.msc, Enter
    3. delete Task "GPU Tweak II"
    4. make new Task "my GPUTweak", check "...with highes privileges" !
    4.1 Triggers "Login" all Users
    4.2 Actions: "Start programm" D:\asus\tweak2\GPUTweakII.exe or yours Path

    verify after reboot:
    1. in Tasksheduler only "my GPUTweak" is
    2. in Tweak Settings is no check at "Automatically Start .. "

    i hope that will help.

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    Locking thread, already similar topic that exists.

    Discuss in the thread below:

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