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Thread: Z270 Deluxe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael-i7 View Post
    And Praz, it's a matter of me being at work and not having time to respond. Lets see your knowledge on the subject if you have any. Cleaner Power Delivery. MUCH more stable power delivery. Consistent power delivery. Better control over vdroop. Less strain and heat on the Vrm's. The list goes on. Do your homework before you try to insult me. It is clear you know Zero about High end quality components. To take 12 volts from a 850 watt psu and have your Voltage Regulator Module reduce the voltage into measurable amounts of voltage down to the thousandths of a volt. Like 1.296v and cleanly distribute it to the Cpu it has to go thru phases. Each phase filtering and reducing it more and more. The more Phases it goes thru the cleaner and more stable the voltage is. And more precise. And the more phases there are the less load that is on every phase. An 8 phase pcb will have much more load than a 16 phase causing much more heat of the vrm and elevating the chance of instability.Also when your Cpu goes into 100% load you want that increase in vCore immediately. Which will be much more guaranteed with a 16 phase pcb over an 8 phase. And the Code has a garbage 8 phase. With 1 phase dedicated to the memory dimms. Great ram overclocking that's going to bring you. Again read a book and get a job. Get to a period in your life where you can actually afford quality products like a 320$ motherboard or enough money to go out tomorrow and drop 500 the Gaming 9 if I so desire. Then do some research on the products you buy before you buy them. There is a huge difference between a low life nerd who builds a low end pc for gaming and would rather play world of warcraft than get a girlfriend, and a true Enthusiast. Praz do yourself a favor and learn to read. I don't get paid to Educate you. Tho I just did. You are welcome.
    1) There are no buck controllers with support for more than 8 real phases. Anything higher uses a mux which has implications for switching frequency. In other words, there's a lot more to a VRM's transient response than raw phase counts. This is the part of power design that isn't common knowledge.

    2) The PCB's layer count isn't related in any way to the number of phases used.

    3) Given you've expressed a desire to move on, I think this thread has run its course.


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