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    Apollo's brother !!! .....u sly ....Mdog....we better keep our eye on U fella....
    ...hold the phone....Phoebus had a twin brother....was his name NIC? hehehe

    HEY..its not being a 'fanBoy' to find something that stands above all others..
    and wave its flag....its a public are that kind of giving guy....hhahahahaa...c.

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    There's also a detachable remote for headphones that you can connect a mic and headset too, that has a dial that you can increase either the amp or the volume of the sound. It looks pretty bad ass and apparently it's attached from the back of the sound card from one of the sources I've read and it sits on your desk.

    EDIT: LOL just saw this on the main site. The external device pictured earlier this week as for the ThunderFX a external amp and splitter and will be packaged with the Rampage IV Formula. Pretty sweet.

    Here's a pic of the Phoebus:
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