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    Thunderbolt EX3 URGENT HELP!!!!!!

    Hi to all members of the forum, i need help with thunderboltex3 from someone who made this card to work, it worked for a couple of days when i bought it and then suddenly stoped.
    The card is currently in PCIx4 slot, latest bios,it is recognized in windows device tree, but in the software of the thunderbolt i dont have any ports.
    I tried many times to install windows 10 anniversary edition from scratch but cant manage it to work, changed all posible slots and combinations with gpu in other slots and ex3 in other slots
    Mb: Asus Rampage V extreme,*i5930k, gpu:asus r7-260x,16gb of ram, psu:chieftec 750w
    On what bios does it work, what pci slot, what drivers,windows???
    Please anyone who made it work, respond. Thanks*
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