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    Release Candidate for fix to ''Vender.dll' issue with AiSuite 3

    Hi all,

    For anyone experiencing 'vendor.dll' issue using recent Nvidia driver (After June 2016) and AiSuite 3, here is the new version of DIP5 (1.03.84) addressing this issue:

    This stable release includes fixes to the 'vendor.dll' introduced due to the change of driver structure with recent Nvidia drivers, along side all the feedbacks I have received over private message over the last six month.

    Please keep your current installation of AiSuite 3, and just extract and run the installer in the root directory of the extracted package to complete this update.
    Please unload AiSuite 3 from your memory prior doing that to prevent improper update of the DIP5 module.

    This fix applies to all models of ASUS/ROG/STRIX motherboards featuring discrete graphics card overclocking functionality under TPU module of AiSuite 3, from Intel 9, 10 series.

    Proper release will be made under the download site of each models soon.

    Thank you for your patience and valuable feedbacks making AiSuite 3 better.


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