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    Asus ROG GL552VX Touchpad tap gesture Issues!


    I have bought ASUS ROG GL552VX and to be honest I am pretty impressed by the performance of the laptop but since day 1 I have been facing a peculiar issue with the trackpad.

    All the gestures work good but there are some issues with the tap gestures. Tap to drag, Tap to Activate and tap to select(Highlight) gestures are a hit or miss.

    For eg. Tapping on the windows 10 menu button doesn't activate every time. Double tap to drag/highlight also fails sometimes.

    I have noticed that when i remove the ASUS SMART GESTURE software things get better but I lose the 2 finger and 3 finger gesture.

    Smart gesture 4.0.9 is somewhat better than 4.0.12 or 4.0.17 but still has tap gesture issues. On native windows driver its perfect.

    Is the ASUS SMART GESTURE software crappy or should I get my laptop checked?
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