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    i will enjoy it i was hammering Skyrim till 5 am had 3 hours sleep then back on Battlefield 3.

    loving the Eyfinity and got all 3 cards cranked up just got to wait for my water cooling to arrive and then it will lokk sweet now i got my Silverstone TJ 11 case whi is a MONSTER against my old Fortress 2 :S

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    I know this is somewhat old & may not be the same issue, but I myself got the AE error code while trying to use the usb flash back. While it did flash to the bios I was using somehow things got a bit out of wack. Cleared the CMos, set to default settins. Then was ready to boot back into windows & nothing but a blinking cursor.

    Something told me to look at EZ Mode & I noticed the boot manager was missing. Even in advanced mode is was missing too. So I inserted my W7 install disc to try and run a repair & nothing was found to be wrong which I did expect. So I then went on to my next step of going back to a previous restore point which by luck I had created just the day before. Since I was updating drivers I always create a new restore point. Load and behold once I did that my windows boot manager was back up showing in my bios & I was able to get back into windows as if nothing ever happened. As least that was my issue & how I solved it.
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    Spoony..... how bout a pic or two... throw a ROG a bone now and then..
    gaming is getting exciting again... drool.

    brotherBullbk : The many mysteries of Bill with special guest stars.. drivers and updates..hahaha
    Nothing new there since windows95. Only now Win7 has an ooops..go back Bill.gates.

    A thread would fill volumes of simple user error leading to days of torment and multiple RMA's.

    Here is a quickie that still boggles the mind....well mine...hahaha.
    I built two identical amd rigs ... one ran like a clock .. still does/never off .. the other video
    snow froze.
    Remember Identical now.
    did all the usual.. reseat..everything..multiple times..switched back and forth memory, psu...
    even the hd...and even the cpu....
    the second rig continued to freeze....RMA ... (there is an ahHa here..not yet.)
    new board....Wha? Same thing....again..tried it all. same result.
    second i am losing my mind.
    the client is calling that office..the enviromental room... and dogging me..bigTime.
    Third RMA........same...are you kidding me.. this is impossible.. the odds are
    astronomical as to this happening....
    I had already met Mason through a different issue...ROG... and pm'd him...
    he said send it .. he would hook it up .. and see what he could find.. the (no cursing)
    thing ran like the first rig --- for two weeks -- it ran in the shop..or where ever..
    WHAT? yep... where is the aHha??
    well although i had tried all components .. i hadnt considered combinations..
    That one particular cpu...did not like that particular ram... it was the exact ram as the
    other rig..
    I put different sticks in it........ and it has been running ever since.....Lesson learned.
    These things happen.. they can happen to anybody. It wont happen again though... hahahhahaa.c.
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    Wow man i feel your Pain. I was running my 3960x on the Rampage Formula IV and the thing was a Monster so i decided i was going to get the Rampage Extreme IV as the chip deserves it. Anyway to make a long story short brand new Board arrived and it fried my 3960x before i even got windows installed. Funny thing is there was no bent pins so i got the board replaced and the new one works Ok i guess besides some errors which i believe have to do with the CPU socket pins and i might have an issue with one of the PCI slots. But not sure about the rest of you but eating over $1000. for a CPU really hurt. Same day another person also bought from newegg smoked 2 3930k's the same exact way just installing windows stock settings. I know the board was overvolting the chip every time it rebooted. And it left a nasty burn mark on my new paper weight 3960x that would do a stable 5 ghz before buying the new board. Love the board but nervous seeing problems again so for now i took my new 3960x out of it and put a 3930k in. Scary such an awesome board just so untrustworthy once you get bit once by it. If i fry a chip i want it to be my own fault lol not during first windows install.

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