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    3D printing gone wrong by ASUS


    Let me start with saying that the 3D printing is cool. But at this point ASUS looks like a amateur with the way they do this.

    Let's say I wanna 3D print some parts for the TUF Z270 MARK 2. Let's grab the M.2 fan holder(short) and download it. I got 2 files and on each file there is 1 part inside. part 1 is the standoff, the other one is the fan holder. It's already unclear for me why there are 2 separated files, because without the standoff you cannot mount the M.2 fan holder (vice versa). Now it's seems like ASUS want you to print them separately, but in fact you should consider this as just one part and treat it like this. WTF!

    Does ASUS even get informed about these thing?! Because you cannot do it like this! The M.2 fan holder(short) should be seen as one product, so give it as one part! When you separate it into 2 parts for people to customise there should also be an assembly of the 2 parts (so 3 files in total!). When you do it differently you just being a dumb-ass! And you can easily fit a .txt file with a simple explanation.
    For customising these parts it's always a good idea to share more then one filetype (.SLDPRT, .DXF etc.). Asus is a big company who sells al over the world so this is something they have to keep in mind.

    For customising I actually only need the standoff file, because from that part I can make my own thingy to mount a fan. But when I open the file in Solidworks the part is facing the wrong way. Same issue with the ''Custom nameplate''. I want to add a name to the ''Custom nameplate'' but when I open the file it's facing the wrong way. These parts have a front/back/left/right etc, and for the draftsman this is the basis. So it's really weird that this is even an issue.

    And why didn't ASUS included the .STL filetype. With windows 10 people will have a the 3D builder app and they can actually see the product. With the .STP file they can't. And include a sheet with dimensions so everybody knows the sizes and they don't have to measure them self's.

    I actually think this is a really good idea from ASUS. But we are talking about ASUS, A big company who is a top leader with there products and they simply fail in giving me a decent drawing to start with. And they put this on the official ASUS website! It's pathetic and they should be ashamed!

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