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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinThyme View Post
    This is a well known issue and the same file is tied to multiple ASUS software packages. Dont get it but have experienced it with more than one title, AI suite included.
    Personally I gave up after the last time of almost not being able to recover from it.
    Page fault in non-paged area, sound familiar? Search that along with the file you listed and watch google light up like wildfire with thousands of hits.
    If you leave it go it eventually gives you that error and corrupted ntoskrnl which really blows.
    Its a shame as some of the software is useful but nothing that causes BSOD repeatedly is worth leaving on a machine.
    Wow, I just wasted half a day on this or more. AS I was also having RAM issues but it turns out the Page faults on login were 100% AI Suite. (Formula IX board)
    Since removing the AI Suite and ASUS Intel XTU (used non asus one now) , not a single page fault.

    Unbelievable ASUS would ship something like this with a $500 (CAD) board.

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