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    ASUS ROG G752VT . Overheating issues

    Hello everyone,
    I bought an asus laptop 2 months ago and I've been experiencing overheating issues since the beginning.
    I'm an AION player and I've therefore arranged everything to play with high quality settings but my CPU doesn't agree. I've been monitoring the situation for some weeks (both through the asus gaming center and external softwares) and my CPU keeps on reaching 90° in the worst gaming situations. I play on a rigid platform in order to have the best ventilation and even tried to lower as much as possible the graphic settings. Yet, no improvement.
    I've been wondering whether I should try to open my laptop and detach the battery, but I do not know whether it may be a good idea or not, as it seems it isn't intended to be removed.
    Do you think it's a normal temperature and there's no need to worry? Or is there anything to be fixed?

    GPU temperature does not exceed 70°.

    Thank you very much.


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