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    Quote Originally Posted by MajDroid View Post
    I know this is an old thread but your post saved me, thank you very much

    So If this is issue should rma psu? I have Theese issues with corsair hxi1000i
    Driving me to madness to figure out what is the issue

    Like earlier stated i have tested also psu and works fine But on this built
    Has this issue would not like crawl every time under the desk to power off power on psu just to use computer😅Â*

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinThyme View Post
    Your best bet is to wait for the speaker to get the beep codes. Most of the time if you succeed with installing a jumper across the PSU power up pins and get volts out it's NOT the PSU. Nothing gets "Kick Started".*

    There are actually a lot of causes that could stop your machine from posting, just have to narrow it down and sounds like you have a good start. *Could be ram, CPU or MOBO at this point. The beep codes are an invaluable tool. The newer boards with Qcodes are even better. You may not have lightning much in SoCal but having worked there in the Critical power industry there are plenty of grid issues! The grid wasn't planned out very well in its infancy and now there are just too many darn people there. I learned my lesson to stay off the freeway after getting stuck on the 405 and 5 more than once for hours on end and this was just congestion, no accidents. Only place I've been pulled over for going 75 in a 55 because I was going too slow and ticketed for "impeding the flow of traffic". Where I come from you go 20 over you are going to jail for wreck less driving. Not there! I was in the far right lane going 75 with cars blowing my doors off! Far left lane was approaching 100 mph. After all that I just stayed on local roads. No trouble and you actually get from A to B faster during peak traffic!

    Good luck �� *
    I just have same problem rgb come no fans no boot nothing check chip ie cpu pins etc my problem was cooler on to tight thats all i can say i took my chip out twice also left every unplugged for about 3 hrs as i was not happy at by this point but all is good apart from a error code i am now getting 9E

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