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    Old asus P5A and win7 64

    Hi all, newbie here.
    I joined the community as in these last weeks I'm having some trouble with my old pc.
    I pinpoint I don't have the need to upgrade my system, it works really fine for my gamers needs (I'm getting quite old, and basically the games I play are the same - flight sims...)
    In order to improve a little bit my system, I got a SSD, and decided to install even on it win7 64 (till now the system was 32 bit, but I can't use all of my ram - 12 Gb)
    everything was fine, but the audio doesn' want to work . I suppose it's a problem with the 64bit drivers (the P5A has a SB SupremeFX X-Fi onboard), so I was searching the net for the right drivers.
    Unfortunately the MB it's old (yes, I know, I got it on 2009....).
    Creative tell me: the board it's to old, no support anymore (translated: it's your problem, not my.... - great marketing filosofy)
    But I don't understand how is it possible to not found anything on the net.... It seems this board never existed....
    Can someone help me to find these 64 bit drivers?

    Thank you guys

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