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    Crosshair V Formula Z - FX 9590 Random Freezes and BIOS freezes on save changes

    Hi everyone.
    I need help with this mobo and processor. I have freezes from begining and its have me tired.
    At begining only freezes random on Windows 10 sometimes, but they were increasing and i change mobo and processor with the same results.
    Later an ASUS support man said me this problem can be because an incompatible RAM and i change my hyper x savage by a g-skill modules group listed on compatibilities list and idem results.
    Now the last issue, i can´t change anything in BIOS settings becouse when i try to save changes pc gets freeze and i need to restart it.

    This is the pc components:

    Power supply: Corsair RM750i
    Motherboard: Crosshair V Formula Z BIOS 2201
    Processor: AMD FX 9590
    RAM: F3-17000CL9Q-16GBZH(XMP)
    HDD: Seagate barracuda 1.5TB
    HDD: Seagate barracuda 320GB
    Graphics Card: Nvidia 730 2GB GDDR5
    DVD R: LG lightscribe
    Cooler: Enermax Liquid 240
    Memory card reader

    I am a little bit desperated with this, i was expend a lot of money to have a good pc and i can´t work with this.
    One thing more, on linux the freezes are a lot more spaciated, only one freeze or two at day.

    Thanks for your atemption

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