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    Quote Originally Posted by Arne Saknussemm View Post
    It's top of RAM tab if I remember correctly...i.e. when you go into timings's not in extreme tweaker tab
    Thanks!!! I found it, and set it to "Mode 1" - we'll see what effect it has.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arne Saknussemm View Post
    OK, understood and that is a bit rarer for stock to fail. But can I ask if you are running a single quad channel kit? i.e. no mixed kits even of same type

    Is it a kit on the QVL? that sort of thing.....
    The kit is a QVL'd kit (G.Skill F4-2133C15Q2-64GRB, QVL'd as per G.Skill, see, 64GB (8 DIMM @ 8GB each).

    So yeah - I was annoyed by this issue (as well as the "sudden reboot" issue that was fixed in the newer BIOS versions). I also found another thread where some ASUS folks specifically quote Intel tech folks in that PLL Overvolt could cause problems with S3 suspend/resume and was a known issue, so I'll wait and see if this Rampage Tweak fix is effective. If it isn't, then PLL Overvolt is my next setting to mess with (turning it *off* - I've already located it in the BIOS).

    Cheers! And thanks for the rapid responses!

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