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    Quote Originally Posted by Jefe533 View Post
    My Thunderbolt EXII/Dual card arrived, and I'm happy to report that it works! I barely had to troubleshoot or think about the installation. Just ripped out my EX3, slotted in the EX2, connected the header cable, booted up with default BIOS, installed Windows Thunderbolt drivers from Asus' EXII website support tab, rebooted with Thunderbolt enabled in the advanced tab of the BIOS, changed ZERO settings (AIC location was correct by default, to the Southbridge slot of my X99-Deluxe II), and boom, my Thunderbolt drive was recognized in Windows!

    It's even hot-pluggable, which is a pleasant shock to me. I thought in Windows you either booted up with the Tbolt drive plugged in, or you couldn't use it. I can eject and replug my Thunderbolt drive in willy-nilly, during regular Windows operation. Cool!

    On the minus side, only ONE of the two ports on my Thunderbolt EXII/Dual card works. Ugh. A final f-u from Asus to me. Whatever, I can't bother troubleshooting that. Even though it would be nice to have both ports since many external hard drives don't have a daisy chain pass through Thunderbolt port.

    Thank you guys so much for the tip that the EXII/Dual card works. To be honest, all my devices are Thunderbolt 2 anyway, and I will NOT be purchasing any Thunderbolt 3 devices, ever.

    So this is enough of a solution to my issue, even though I'm mad as hell I had to shell out $150 to buy the last ThunderboltEXII card I could find in stock.

    Good Job, Damm $150 Hopefully the second port wakes up. I still have not recieved my RMA back, Gigabyte workin still.

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