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    ROG Horus GK2000 RGB - T,Y, LShift and Backspace do not work out of the box

    Amazon package arrived today, plugged in the keyboard and T,Y, LShift and Backspace do not work/register input. (Windows 10 64bit).

    So i tried the following.

    • Installed the driver and updated the firmware. Did not fix the issue.
    • Used the ASUS software to manually map the keys. Did not fix the issue. (i needed to use a 2nd functional keyboard to enter t,y etc. This also proved it isn't software related)
    • Tried the Keyboard on a 2nd PC running Win10 64bit. Did not fix the issue.

    Any ideas with a fix or have I imported (at great expense) a faulty $229USD keyboard?

    Does the ASUS international warranty cover this top end keyboard in Australia?

    FYI - Before i ordered this keyboard from the US I contacted ASUS Australia and asked about this keyboards local availabilty. I received the worst customer service response I've ever seen so decided to purchase from the US. ASUS have 13 local distributors in Australia, i wonder if they know this is the quality of customer service ASUS hand out for product enquiries:


    Thank you for contacting ASUS Service Care.
    My name is Andrew Tiet and it's my pleasure to help you with your problem.

    Thank you for your email regarding your interests with ASUS product query. Unfortunately, no information to whether, ROG Horus GK2000 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard will be available in the Australian market for purchase.

    If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to let
    us know. We will be more than happy to assist you.

    Andrew Tiet
    Customer Service Center


    EDIT* I'm rereading this a day later and apologise for the snarkiness. I was clearly dissapointed at the time as i was excited to receive the KB hehe.
    Ps - I also checked all the ports for possible short circuit causing luck.'s most likely a manufacturing fault so I have raised a ticket to return it to Amazon....bummer.

    Strangely for a 6month old keyboard the ROG Horus GK2000 RGB seems quite hard to find in stock anywhere.

    i'd love to hear from an ASUS rep regarding:

    a) Does the ASUS international warranty cover the ROG Horus GK2000 RGB in Australia?
    b) Has the ROG Horus GK2000 RGB gone end of life which is why it isn't availalbe anywhere?

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