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    Actually the entire audio driver provided with Z270 is problematic.

    In a clean os installation, new pc build, I lost 5 days trying to figure out why Kodi was crashing at startup and not launching at all.
    The crash log reports were indicating possible problems with the audio driver. I didn't want to believe it and tried everything else (e.g. re-install video drivers, other versions of Kodi, DX-diag etc.).
    Finally I downloaded from Realtek directly the vanilla Audio HD driver. And out of the blue Kodi worked flawlessly.

    For those asking though even in a clean install of audio drivers, the vanilla Realtek HD Audio driver, perhaps it recognizes the Asus mobo and installs the ROG template. However the ASUS software (Sonic Studio) although it appears in the submenus of the ROG template, the respective tabs are not responsive/do not work which is absolutely logical since I have not installed them at all.

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