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    silverjoel07 PC Specs
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    ProcessorI7 HQ4710 HASWEL
    Memory (part number)16 GB DDR3 1600MHZ
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    Bad level of brightness of my asus rog g752vs-rb71

    hi everyone I have bought a rog g752vs-rb71 and I seeing that the BRIGHTNESS of the monitor is not intense like the model rog g751jt-dh72.
    I mean, I have done a proof of the two laptop side by side and I see everything is good to the eyes in the g751jt-dh72 but in the g752vs-rb71 the screen is much more opaque than the other.

    there is something more I want to say, when I am playing games with the G752VS-RB71, I have to adjust the gamma in the game's menu but with the g751JT-DH72
    is not necessary.

    please if some of you know what can I do in order to make the screen of the g752vs-rb71 more intense like the G751JT-dh72 model let me know.


    I have install asus splendyvideo and put it on intense and is a bit better but not like I want it.
    I use the BRIGHT at 100% and is not enough.

    please help!!!

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    Uninstall the Splendid app and set your display settings using Nvidia Control Panel.

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