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    Quote Originally Posted by CosmicAvenger0 View Post
    its a little sticky and you will thinnk you are breaking it , but is all right, also when closing you can just press it back & it will simply stick back. don't remove the cover fully, just open it partially till you see the screw, and open up the screw.
    when trying to open the back cover after removing the screw, using a prying tool credit card or something,etc. start from the hdmi port with a little force and till its inside and go all the way round, sliding the tool arounud laptop from back side ; and it will come up , now you can slowly lift up the cover to access the insides
    for prying up the lid you can also start with the usb port on the other side and then go around other way.
    Thanks man! It will be very useful, since I thought that that L-shaped rubber leg can not be reapplied. But are you sure it won't loose its "stickness" after first deattacment?
    And this detailed cover deattaching algorithm is also of interest.

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