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    Question BIOS Corrupt after updating through Windows utility - how to reflash?

    I should have known better but I thought I could trust the Asus Bios flashing utility for Windows to update the bios last night. After updating the system refused to boot and showed a F9 code which was missing recovery media. I attempted to insert the Asus CD because it contains a copy of the BIOS but all it does is read the CD, then cycles through and continually reboots. I also attempted to use the USB method by downloading the latest BIOS, renaming it to C6H.CAP and put it on a USB drive in FAT32. I pressed the BIOS Flash button for three seconds until it starts to flash but it flashes a few times and then lights up solid with no response. Maybe I had inserted the USB drive on the wrong USB Port? I didn't find anywhere or any markings which USB Port is dedicated to USB Bios Flash.

    Lastly I attempted to just boot the computer with the USB hooked up. It finally gave a ASUS splash screen (is that good news?) and instructing me to press F2 or DEL to enter setup. I keep pressing F2 or DELETE buttons but it is unresponsive. The BIOS has not been flashed at this point because if I remove the USB and attempt to restart the computer, it will throw the F9 again after failing to find a BIOS file.

    At this point I feel like I need to ask someone that has experience in my situation on what I can do to get the BIOS to flash - either through built in recovery or the USB Flash button.....

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