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    Question High-Load DRAM & Q-Code 8

    I've seen many conflicting sources as to the q-code 8 troubleshooting some say it's cpu and some ram issue.

    I keep crashing constantly when the PC is put under high stress for example gaming (easy replicate in minutes in Rust for example). The screens will go static and the system will shutdown with Q-Code 8 and DRAM led flashing. I'm using Gskill F4-3000C15Q-32GVRB (4x sticks 8GB, at 2133mhz). Currently testing 0902 bios however issue is persistent across all bios versions.

    Tried manually changing dram voltage at stock speeds and the timings picked up by bios are what they should be.
    Memory Test comes out with no errors from Windows.

    I know few people had luck with changing soc voltage, what should I keep it at? I'm using 1800x watercooled.

    EDIT: It would appear that the GPU that I have is crashing the system after extended load. I am yet to resolve the issue. Tried drivers and different power supplies with no luck.
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