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    Bios problem 0902 and does Crosshair VI Hero supports Vengeance Led DDR4 3200?

    Hello everyone,

    Is there any problem with Vengeance Led 3200 2x8Gb. I couldn't find "CMU16GX4M2C32200C16R" on memory support page and worker of computer store said that mainboard is supports 3200mhz memory and gave me that memory. But when i checked box of mainboard i can't see that mainboard supports 3200 mhz. Only says "max 4 x dim 64 gb 2666mhz/" and lower. It's same about handbook of mainboard. Should i change my ram?

    And another problem about bios. I've checked bios 0902 few days ago and it was in beta and yesterday i saw that 0902 released, so i wanted to try it. But it made me regret and really don't know why did they remove 0702 version from website. It's really weird and when i clear cmos, it's still show 0902 version. System really freezes randomly, can't play any games, temp shows 65-70 at iddle, cpu works 1ghz and voltage between 0,4 and 0,8.How can these things happen with republic of gamers mainboard. Other users already got high K mmr and etc. We still waiting for boot our computer. And i'm really bored from solitare.

    (And my few angry things about this mainboard)
    Dear Asus, this is not early access game or dayZ. You design this mainboard for gamers and overlockers but that was really logical to place bios cell beside graphic card slot. So when i wanna remove cell, firstly i have to remove my graphic card... And i play piano, i have thin fingers but they are really big and useless to use jumper, because you place that thing most weird place on the board. Thank you that you sell bad mood for a lot of money.
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