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    swapgut PC Specs
    MotherboardR O G Crosshair VI HERO
    Memory (part number)Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3733C17R
    Graphics Card #1XFX R9 390
    Storage #1Samsung 960 PRO
    Storage #2Samsung 850 PROs
    CPU CoolerCorsair H115i / Noctua iPPC2000s
    CaseSilverstone FT02WRI
    Power SupplySeasonic 750 Titanium
    Keyboard K800
    Mouse G500
    Headset/Speakers Klipsch 4.1

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    Mar 2017

    [QUOTE=MeQira;638197]Hello everyone,

    Is there any problem with Vengeance Led 3200 2x8Gb. I couldn't find "CMU16GX4M2C32200C16R" on memory support page and worker of computer store said that mainboard is supports 3200mhz memory and gave me that memory. But when i checked box of mainboard i can't see that mainboard supports 3200 mhz. Only says "max 4 x dim 64 gb 2666mhz/" and lower. It's same about handbook of mainboard. Should i change my ram?

    Hey MeQira, I know it stinks when you get a headache with a brand new build. Have you tried taking the battery out after all power is removed from the mb? ( Like even unplugging everything including the psu?) Let it stay out for an hour then plug stuff together again.
    Try that and yep I know that they put the battery behind the graphics card!!! Get the 1001 bios on a usb stick, rename it correctly (C6H) The board can be updated without even having an os on the ssd. I did that with 0902 before I put the os on the other day.

    The way everything changed with the "warm boot" keeping memory for win10 you might have to be that drastic with this. I'm using vengeance lpx now 2X8 also, and it is working fine.
    Don't give up on that ram yet Corsair makes good d*mn dram!

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