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    6808 and 6903 were pure rubbish, trying now on 7002 and so far seems fine... At least for now I didn't get random q-code 2 or random q-code 8 at runtime like i got with the previous firmwares.

    Just a note: flashing from 6401 to 7002 and then resetting everything to run b-die RAM @ 3200 had a first long 2 minute or more of boot with different q-codes before proper OS loading, which may looks like a freeze for most impatient people...Maybe it was for the different microcode.. All the following boot works fine in a couple of seconds, even from a complete power down with the traditional and undocumented double boot.
    So, I advice simply to wait at least a couple of minutes before starting panic mode when you upgrade or downgrade the BIOS and then change a lot of settings..

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