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    CH7WIFI - Having pretty severe problems with 1103 BIOS. Lag, USB disconnects.

    I'll keep this brief: Two days ago I updated my CH7WIFI with 1103 BIOS. As soon as they were finished loading and I was back in the BIOS UI I knew something was wrong. My mouse was jumping all over the place because there was so much input lag, sometimes seconds worth. Clicks wouldn't register, keystrokes would stiiiiiick, but I toughed it out enough to get my defaults set up and into Windows.

    Once I was in Windows the lag was gone, which was great! Everything was going swimmingly... except for the constant hardware dis/connect sound effects constantly going off. One of my USB ports, the internal motherboard header that my h150i is connected to in fact, kept disabling and enabling, sometimes a half hour apart, sometimes five times in a minute.

    I literally just got done reinstalling Windows. I've repeatedly reinstalled the BIOS. Uninstalled and reinstalled USB hubs from Device Manager. I'm kind of at my wit's end here, since I've controlled for so many of the variables... but nobody else seems to be having problems with it.

    I'm going to try the BIOS one more time, through BIOS Flashback this time, and see if that does the trick.

    One thing I noticed when I was looking around the forums was someone mentioning firmware updates through the BIOS, but those all roll forward, right? As long as I've got the newest BIOS I'll have that firmware, I don't have to go waaaay back and install 0602 or whatever?

    Wish me luck!

    Edit: No luck going through BIOS flashback. I also just realized that Windows decided to install the EFI partition right smack dab in the middle of my D drive, so I've gotta' fix that, too. Lousy day. I'm rolling back to 1002.

    Edit 2: Just for grins and giggles, I spent a half hour installing any BIOS that said "firmware" in the description. Since they're kind of old and I never took the time to install them before maybe I didn't get those updates. I'll try 1103 again tomorrow and we'll know if I accomplished anything.
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    same here

    same problem here crashes bsod system service exception arrors reinstalled windows rolled back bios then reinstalled again no issues so far but not confident .best of luck.

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    Yeah, fingers crossed. It's okay, I still hadn't learned the old bios yet anyway. :P

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    Same probleme. Reinstalling Last bios firmware

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