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    Warranty Void "farce" G20CB

    With a recent experience in the matter I will advise all on this, you can listen or not, it's of no consequence to me.

    After 8 months of ownership, a recent BIOS update bricked my G20CB, of no fault of my own, but Asus. They release a Bios I updated to (I think 2004 or the like) and quickly pulled, then I tried to update to the latest release (2101), and bam, no more PC (it halted mid-way and never moved in over 20 minutes). I carefully removed the "warranty void if removed" sticker completely, advised the rep on the phone I had my own SSD in there, what should I do? He said remove it, so I did as they may entirely replace the unit. Needless to say, don't open your mouth, if you've opened the PC do the careful work I did to leave no remnants of the sticker and look up local laws which may mandate no matter what, Asus HAS to honor the one-year warranty sans you gauging the PC with a drill or the like (NY loves liberal force-you laws, so that may have been the case for me without knowing it here).

    Just some advice for you all, my experience went well.
    Asus G20CB - Core i7 6700, Nvidia GTX980, 16GB Ram, 256GB SK Hynix SSD, 1TB Samsung SSD.

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