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    Quote Originally Posted by elmor View Post
    You're running pretty well there so not that useful for us to make improvements We're working with AMD to have a fix for issues during POST with high memory clocks.
    That would be awesome. Does changing the base clock affect other devices or has this motherboard a separate clock generator?

    Quote Originally Posted by AndehX View Post
    That would be great. It's frustrating to have to reset my bios to defaults every morning when i turn my system on, to get it to post. Then apply my OC settings an hour later after the system has warmed up...
    You don't need to reset your BIOS. When you get the 9f--->0d Q-Code, just click the reset button and let it try again until it POSTs. It should work. If it tries more than 3 times, the BIOS will lower the frequency until it can POST.

    Quote Originally Posted by Teutone View Post
    Great! Can you post your BIOS settings, please?
    No special BIOS settings:

    DRAM is 1.4v (1.35v works ok too) and set to 3200Mhz.
    1700 is at 3.95Ghz and with 1.45vcore LLC4.

    4Ghz is a restart to Q-Code 8 with any voltage up to 1.5v when stress testing.

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