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    Ai Suite 3 and Fan Xpert 4 gone insane

    I'll start by saying I love Asus. I've had Asus-based motherboards for quite some time now (almost a decade).
    Now, AI Suite 3 used to work very well with my Asus Maximus VII Hero, loved the Fan Xpert 4 profiles, everything worked well...

    ...until I changed platform. Got an Asus X99 A II motherboard with an i7 6800K and installed the latest and greatest ASUS AI Suite 3 V1.01.40.
    It's riddled with problems, issues, bugs.

    1. The Minibar is no longer a minibar, but a large coin-sized circle which doesn't dock anywhere. It's always in the way. The previous dock was a tiny, 2-pixel wide thingie which was sliding in from the desktop border, wonderful implementation.
    2. AI Suite 3 window has no taskbar entry and doesn't appear in the list of applications when I alt-tab to display all of them. I have to either click on the System Tray icon to see it, or minimize all windows. I found no other reason for this functionality but hatred towards customers. I imagine some developer out there cackling in a bad imitation of Palpatine.
    3. The Fan Xpert 4 profiles are mostly unusable. I am watercooling this platform (CPU+GPU) and wanted to create three profiles:
    - one for idle work (browsing, watching video content, listening to music). ultra-quiet, using the rather large radiator I have to passively cool my components. None of the default profiles achieve this, so I had to make a custom one.
    - One for gaming. Mild fan speeds, rather silent, CPU+GPU under 55 degrees Celsius at any time. Again, had to create a custom profile.
    - One for rendering and heavy video/3D editing. The "Full Speed" default profile works well enough.

    Now, the custom profiles simply don't work well. I've tried everything I could think of. The issues:

    - Adjusting speeds and whatnot works.
    - Saving the profile as a custom one works.
    - Overwriting default profiles with custom ones doesn't work (clicking the appropriate entry in the list) but typing the entry name manually works. Also overwriting the XML profiles works too. (remember that cackling developer?)
    - Loading the profile works... but doesn't. I mean, the settings are loaded, but the fans are not spinning accordingly. Loading the profile several times in a row eventually sets the fans accordingly, however after a while the fans ramp up without any temperature increase, for no reason other than... no idea, really. (developer cackle continues)
    - no temperature hysteresis feature; fan ramping up/down works only when it wants to (cackling intensifies).
    - in Silent profile, the pump PWM speed starts at 80%... why? Editing profile, overwriting the default one and loading back reverts pump PWM profile back to 80%. Saving the same edited profile under a different name saves the setting after reloading, but I have to reload the profile several times for it to work (see point above).
    - Custom profiles can't be loaded from the minibar (cackling deepens, madly reverberating).

    Please find that evil, evil developer and tell him that I surrender myself to him, if he stops torturing me.

    Thank you!

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