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    I have a 1700 a crossair6 and also a 960 EVO.
    I can see my M.2 drive in the boot selection list but I can't secure erase it from bios and I thought that was a sign of a problem, can anyone else see their 960Evo in the secure erase page?.
    It's quite slow to boot up too and wondered if anyone could share optimal settings they are using with 960EVO for a streamline boot, it feels like my motherboard is double checking everything on boot.
    I have 2 other hard drives and a disk drive plugged into sata.

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    Have you installed the Samsung driver for the 960 evo..........the drive comes with the generic windows NMVE driver so Windows will recognize it....

    As for secure erase from within the BIOS it will not work on drives with an OS installed on them.......for protection I believe.....

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    Only have a few things to add to this discussion....Not recognizing the drive was a big concern for me! I know that typically Intel users have to install Intel Rapid Storage drivers during Windows installation before the BIOS will recognize the disk. I saw a lot of mixed reviews from Crosshair VI users, some with good and others with bad experience. As you can imagine, the users were all using different BIOS and different NVME drives.

    My experience, fortunately, was favorable. I purchased the Samsung 960 Pro 512GB, and seated the drive using the standoff and screw included with the motherboard accessories. (You did know to do this correct?) Some videos I watched previous to assembling my rig had gold stickers over the standoff position holes, which are to be removed. I'm not sure if the stickers are to be removed to allow contact with the board, or what the purpose. EIther way, my particular board did not have any to be removed, elsewise they would have been. So I proceeded to seat the drive by first inserting at a 45 degree angle, and seating to the standoff position hole with equidistant spacing on each side. Other users have mentioned that no brass should be visible while seating the drive, that is probably a good way to look at it... I did not have to use any force at all to allow the drive to fully seat, and no brass was visible at the connection. My only suggestion is to pay attention to center-space the drive on the standoff properly and use the BIOS that is shipped with the motherboard before trying to proceed with experimental releases. The beauty of these SSDs are that I don't have any other instructions, no cables to connect or drivers to install. If you want to make sure you are doing this right, I highly recommend having the NVME M.2 as the ONLY drive connected while performing the operating system installation. I have a Seagate Barracuda Pro 3.5 HDD connected as a secondary drive, and I only connected this drive days after I had all of the essential programs running properly.

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    Secure erase in bios will not work on M.2 drives, it will work on sata SSD drives, having an OS installed does not matter

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    mostly hmm always hmm i guess. If you use them M.2 slot on your mobo it will use the route of the pci-e slot 3 or higher. So be sure there not used. I used have a WiFi/sound card in it. and that doesnt work.

    Also i made nuub mistake on not formatting the SSD. lol you could see the SSD but not use it. Not sure if this wisdom is helping...

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    [QUOTE=SinartNZ;640080]I found it had to seat my 960 to the point none of the contact pads on the drive itself where showing seems to be a rather deep m.2 socket on this board. Other boards I've always seen some of the contact pads showing a little.

    So if you have not ready done try reseating the drive with a little push.[/Q]

    I just have to say thanks!

    I was building a new rig today; ROG STRIX X370-f, Ryzen 1700, ROG STRIX GTX 1060, and a Samsung EVO 960. Everything was going fine until I installed Windows. It looked like it worked, but then went back to setup and claimed it didn't see a bootable drive. I reseated the 960 but no joy.

    At that point, I went top the web and found this comment. Sure enough, I could see the edges of the contacts. I reseated the drive, fully this time, and Windows proceeded to boot when I restarted.


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    Rog gl552vx

    I have a GL552VX and I would like you to support me by telling me if the SAMSUNG 960 EVO or the 970 EVO are compatible with this ASUS model.


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    Hi all.. it's been years since I post here regarding issues with GL552VX not supporting NVMEs.

    Now, this year I upgraded my rig, two SSDs; Crucial MX500 500gb for the 2.5 and aData XPG SX8200 Pro for the m.2 stick. I successfully used and installed OS on the Crucial. Unfortunately, I'm still having a hard time figuring out how to get the m.2 to work. I tried googling about it and find nothing solution. Until I found this so-called bios modding. So, I did give it a try and found out while following step by step tutorial that my unit GL552VX supports NVME because there's a driver! I'll put the screenshot by one of the app I use for modding a bios file. Yet, still I'm figuring it out how to make it work with the nvme stick I installed.
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