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    GL502VS Performance Issues - CPU @ 800MHz, Fan @ 1900RPM

    Hi all,

    I have been noticing that my GL502VS was not performing as well as my old desktop computer on basic games such as WoW and WoT. I finally got around to running a benchmark program (ASUS Extreme Tuning Utility) and I noticed the CPU stayed at 800MHz and the fan speed stayed at 1900. The ASUS ETU said the CPU was thermal throttling, but HWMonitor said that it wasn't thermal throttled.

    I have done a clean Windows10 install, updated all drivers, and flashed the BIOS. I looked in the BOIS settings but couldn't see anything related to fan speeds. I am using the performance power setting in Windows10 with the CPU set to 100% when on power, but I haven't ever seen it above 800MHz.

    Is there a utility I could use to force the Fan speed to max? Could something else be preventing my CPU for running at maximum speed?



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