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    Whenever I go to Notebook Review Forum and peruse the various manufacturer's forums, I typically notice the ASUS Gaming Notebook Forum is filled with problem posts - systems freezing, overheating, BSOD's, screen problems, touchpad problems, keyboard problems, performance issues, "loads of issues", etc. While I can find problem posts in all forums, I don't see the same frequency or severity of problems in the other manufacturer's forums.

    It's true that ASUS probably has a greater share of the gaming notebook market than MSI, Sager/Clevo, or Alienware. With more systems out there, one could expect a greater number of reported problems. But I also looked at HP, Dell, Apple, and Toshiba forums. Of all of these, ASUS looks the worst with respect to reported problem frequency and severity.

    When I search for "RMA" in ALL manufacturer's forums, ASUS Gaming Notebook Forum leads the pack. I find the RMA horror story threads there and on this forum particularly upsetting.

    When I look at specs and benchmarks in reviews of gaming laptops, I'm not seeing ASUS G Series at the top of the list.

    Based on these observations, I cannot rate the ASUS G Series as the best laptops on the planet. It is my hope ASUS can take these observations to heart and make the changes necessary to claim the top spot.
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    That being said I agree with it. I think Asus has forgoten where it came from. I think they are still relying on a name that they have made in the past. I have been real lucky. Both my g73 and g74 are working great. I did upgrade the bios & vbios on this one (g73) but it was not due to any problems. Also a lot of folks talk about doing a clean install of the os so I did that.Still a great gaming puter. I do 25man raids almost every night on world of warcraft frame rate is good computer is not over heating.
    I feel bad for the folks who have gotten a "bad" machine. Asus should correct the problem....
    Anyhow I hope everyone will just ROG on and prosper lol
    Have fun while you can, good hunting and happy gaming,

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    The above from a member that loves his G -- 1000posts worth and then some...
    --all have one thing in common--wanted the best-got out the cash.

    --if it adds $200 to a $2000 Monster--so be it..... the is best is the best...and has a price.
    What is the logic here...Does it ROG? Ring it up. How much?
    I still think a solution could be found/Asus held harmless/offered to current owners @ cost/
    (not EveryBody has issue)with the next generation a factory outOFtheBox masterpiece.......fair enough?

    and honestly...the freeze ups..and alot of the other owner error...the majority..
    the hardware is rock solid... clean install....ect...
    if you set it up enthusiast...tune...hi-performance..
    U..brodyboy..jd....u tweak'r ROG'r'z.... your rigs scream... correct?

    Im saying...unCut...the last few corners .... wipe the last smile off their faces.
    ...ROG flagship...and then comes everything else...make it so.

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    Unfortunately, I don't believe "rock solid" is a claim that can be seriously made for current G Series hardware. Like @fostert, I'm hoping I won't experience some of the problems I've seen here - with hardware, support, and customer service.

    I am currently satisfied with my G74SX, but had I done more research, I think it likely I would not be here today. Like others, ASUS was a name I was familiar with - I didn't know much about the other guys offering laptops with similar specs. I saw Chastity providing good support in this forum and I pulled the trigger and bought. Then Chastity went away...and Brian went away...and no one from ASUS really stepped up to take their place.

    I truly hope ASUS can change my mind for my next laptop purchase. I do see Chastity is busy over at NBR opening cases with real case numbers. That is a good start.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dstrakele View Post
    Unfortunately, I don't believe "rock solid" is a claim that can be seriously made for current G Series hardware.
    +1 Nor for the software.....

    Yes, my G74 works well now....after I have made hardware and software modifications that I believe are beyond the expertise of most typical users. I've owned at least a dozen laptops, and the G74 has been, by far, the most trouble-prone.

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    Thats what I am asking, I guess...and thankYou BrodyBoy..

    What hardware and software modifications..did you find necessary?
    What have others done?
    What needs to be done? So that it IS ""PROUDLY"" ROG?
    Filtering past the owner/errors to Rock Solid.
    A serious honest list.
    Wish list Now:::better keyboard, touchpad, input ToughNess, powerPlugArmor ect...
    Is updating/grading then possible? or is this the next generation mandate?
    Any ideas on getting from there???

    If all we ever speak of are gripes, rants and moans..we one arm row in a circle.

    We know the questions....time to put answers on the table.
    ..and it wouldn't hurt to hear a HellYes from Asus.We CAN do even better.thnx.c.
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    Most problems here are NOT "owner errors". More like design errors and QC failures mixed with manufacturer apathy.

    This is a summary of my story and my path to a "mean machine"

    To begin with, my notebook was really laggy and it something was causing Firefox to stop responding a lot. A lot of the problem was fixed by installing a different version of Atheros wifi driver. Problem was the version on the Asus support page for the G74 was the same one that caused the problem. It still is even though it's been common knowledge for months that the driver is a troublemaker. :/

    Then I had problems with Explorer crashing; I isolated that down to Asus Web Storage (the "Utility", not the website).

    Then my BluRay wouldn't play BluRay movies. It turns out that the cause was Roxio Cineplayer, also supplied by Asus.

    I still had some lag and glitchy performance so I decided to do a clean install of windows and to try to find updated drivers. Finding the drivers was the hard part because Asus doesn't believe in driver support. I even created a driver thread to replace the defunct one with dead links that Chastity seemingly abandoned when she left. (oddly the defunct one is stickied but mine is lost in the threads, someplace lol)

    Also, I had to replace the Atheros wifi/bt combo card with an Intel combo card; BIG improvement and good riddance to Atheros!!

    I also replaced my syetm drive with a 120GB SSD. Now THAT rocks!

    My notebook DOES work well, in fact better than I'd expect a notebook to operate, but I use it as a desktop replacement(mouse, external keyboard, 22" lcd monitor, always plugged in, etc) BUT, if I had to use the built-in keyboard often, then my opinion wouldn't be so high; the key action feels spongy and cheap, sort of like a toy keyboard. I'm also living in dread of the day the Sentelic touchpad craps out as it does for so many others that come here.

    I also don't like the PnP only BIOS. What kind of gaming machine has BIOS settings that don't let the user adjust timings or anything performance related? I never dreamed it would be like this on an Asus machine!

    In summary:
    Replace Keyboard
    Replace Touchpad
    Replace WiFi/BT combo
    Unhide options in BIOS
    Send out machines without bloatware. ASUS could even use that as a bullet point *"Asus, the lean, clean machine!"
    Don't have any "bright ideas" about the Num-lock key in the future
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    Read the User's Manual for more info.

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    I don't understand the complaints some are making about the touchpad being over-sensitive. If my finger is touching the touchpad, even in the very slightest, I want it to recognize that. Are you saying you want a pressure-sensitive touch-pad? If not, what solution are you looking for?
    Hi, I'm Dan.

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    I never had any problem with the keyboard on my G73Sw and I never use the pad. My laptop came with the exact mouse I was about to buy, Logitech G700. And I assume many ROG owners use their laptops to play video games and they also have a mouse. Who uses their pads for video games?

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    i actually like typing on my g74 keyboard. i have a very nice logitech wireless k35 wave keyboard, but find myself using the g74's more often than not. i like the feel of the short keystroke, and the chicklet style of it. furthermore i have had zero problems with it. the same can be said for my trackpad. once getting the driver straightened out, my trackpad works perfectly well, and gives me a ton of options to make it work even better. i set the disable when typing option, and don't allow it to re-enable itself for three seconds. i also set the palm function, so my palms will not move the cursor around. i have zero problems with it.
    now, i do take issue with the apparent apathy from asus towards those who are having problems. that is scary, and needs to be addressed. for me, having a company ignore you is the absolute worst thing you can experience, if you need their attention. this is unforgivable! and it WILL affect my purchasing decision in the future. so either get your sh&% together asus, or lose your customer base. it's that simple.
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