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    MAXIMUS IX CODE q-code error 0A? Need ideas please

    Ok I built this computer in January and it has been running great. Yesterday I took it apart for regular cleaning and when I turned it back on I get no post and q-code 0A. That code is not in the book so I thought maybe DA Boot option failed? So I removed all ssd and m.2 storage still no post. I have done every trouble shooting step I can think of like removing all components one at a time using only 1 stick of ram, clearing cmos, removing battery, safe boot, memOK, and bios flashback. So far no luck. Did I miss anything? I called support she seemed to think it was a DA code because 0A not in her book. We went through all the same steps over again to no avail. So she wants me to RMA =(. So before I do that I was hoping maybe you could help. If there's any info I left out that you need let me know. And Thanks

    7700k no overclock
    maximus ix code
    16GB Corsair LPX 3200
    2x Asus 1080 Strix gaming
    Evga 850 Gold
    Samsung 950 Pro m.2 Boot drive
    WD Black 4TB Storage

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