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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinThyme View Post
    Im glad to see you have it back up.
    Id highly doubt the BIOS update erased your drives.
    My guess is errors when updating.
    First, never use the auto update. Download and do it the old fashioned way using a USB and the rear ports.
    Second, always record your settings before the flash then load optomized defaults before the flash then go back in an set up your controllers the way you want after the flash.
    My bet is in the attempt to recover an error was made that caused the drive issue. Ive flashed more than once then didnt go back in and set my config files correctly before a reboot then did a face palm when it didnt boot. Just had to back up and enter the BIOS and set it all up correctly again. This is the norm so keep that in mind for future flashes. If you do it right you wont have drive problems.
    Thank you for your reply.

    With all due respect, it was not user error to begin with if thats what you mean,I never claimed it erased my HDD, i just couldnt see or access it after probably due to my poor choice raid settings, did I fumble around in BIOS trying to get it up and running? Yes, however all I did was see a prompt from easy updater to update BIOS, I clicked it, my PC would then not reboot for ages, I did reset BIOS and got it up and running again except for the disappearing HDD.
    Your first rule is correct and one i will remember!
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    Asus customer service sucks cock

    Quote Originally Posted by Tomisannoyed View Post
    Hi all

    I am extremelly angry with ASUS and looking for help, I built a new computer which has been running flawlessly for five weeks, this morning I had a prompt to update bios via the EZupdater ( what a f****n joke this was)
    It has utterly destroyed my computer, I spent four hours trying to fix their "update" only to have totally wipe two HDs one an SSD and a 4tb HDD and start from scratch as the PC would not boot up, not restore, not do ANYTHING.
    So I wiped both and installed windows as if a new system, now I cant get windows to recognize my 4tb HDD although intel rapid storage sees it as fine.

    I am expecting help from ASUS as they CAUSED this issue with their "update" that has totally fried my system, as u can tell I am absolutely furious at ASUS destroying my system and if they do not help me to rectify their mistake I will be going to every possible avenue I can think of to complain about them f***n up my computer.

    Words cannot describe my anger and frustration, it took me ages to even have the "privilege" to even have access to their forums.

    The update was today, any help would be greatly appreciated as I had to wipe two HDDS and start afresh and I fear that now my brand new 4tbb HDD is not working due to ASUS
    Apologies to those who detect my intense anger and frustration, this was ALL CAUSED by "ezupdater" updating the bios...... what a joke
    I am absolutely disgusted with ASUS right now, this is a three thousand pound (UK) computer and they have destroyed it with one update, not only that but the hassle to just register and post on their forums is a disgrace.
    Thank you in advance for any help, I will try to provide any information I can to help you help me.

    Thank you

    Rest assured ASUS, your update caused this, I will be screaming to all who listen unless this is sorted

    The same thing just happened to mine and they are trying to charge me 1300 dollars to fix it when it costs more than the laptop was when i bought it. **** asus cocksuckers

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