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    After lurking this thread and going through every page reading everyones responses I would like to know if the solution to this issue is changing the SSD on the laptop. I own the "ASUS ROG GL502VS-DB71" and have disabled SMART. Now by doing so, I was able to update to the Creators Fall update but now the issue is that my fan turns on by itself at random times sounding like a damn plane which is hella annoying. So i went and re-enable the SMART after doing the Creators Fall update and what ends up happening is getting a black screen error everytime i do a cold shut down/restart. So I went and disabled the SMART again. So my question to everyone is, will changing the SSD to the "Samsung 960 Evo or Pro" finally fix this issue? I know one of the users on this thread changed their SSD to a "Toshiba XG3 Series THNSN5256GPU7" and fixed the problem. Do keep me posted everyone. If not then Ill just go ahead and do it myself and see what happens.

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