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    I must say that I have been experiencing the same issues with the CU update and the NVIDIA drivers. So far I have every few years taken up a gaming laptop from Asus and this is the 2nd time I have had issues with the software. First time (was one of the first gaming laptops some 6-7 years ago) the drivers were the issue but I manged to bridge the problem with some generic solutions found lurking on the net, no help from Asus there - the hardware wasn't 100% operable but it worked well enough.

    Nevertheless I decided to continue on with the Asus and the next two laptops, besides one having several dead pixels, were generally software wise more than fine. Now, I recently got the Asus GL502VS and everything was looking good from the getgo and now the issue with the CU and the NVIDIA update appeared. Since then I've been mostly passive hoping for the issue to be resolved, wasting my time daily looking at this thread and possible solutions on the net. I should not be doing this, an official solution should be presented to me by Asus and Nvidia.

    I wanted to state, with intent to raising awareness, that being an owner of so far 4 Asus (premium) laptops this is not satisfactory. I know that there is some time required to address the issues and I hope that they will be addressed, if not... this is the last time I am looking towards Asus. A company like Asus should not allow itself not to have a solution on day one of new major OS software update or at least within a few days after the release. The beta builds of the CU update have been, I have no doubt, available to hardware manufacturers way before the official release of the update. Waiting for a solution, now almost two weeks is unacceptable if we are talking, not only about flagship Asus hardware, but other hardware products as well.

    Asus get your **** together and provide your customers with a solution and thus mitigate the damage already done. At least, we deserve to get a status on what is being done in regard to this as well as the time frame in which we could expect that the CU fix will be provided to us. Same goes for Nvidia whom Asus could push to provide us with a fix as well.
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