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    Did the update to 3401 and so far no issues, but one strange one I found. Not sure if anyone else has seen this, but going to add this. When I updated I wanted to get some information about the previous UEFI BIOS so I added it to the a thumb and rebooted and went back to the EZFlash. When I selected it I got a message that the file was not a good file. Long story short if you update to the latest then you cannot read the previous on nor any of the previous ones starting all the way back to 0214. So I had to do a Flashback to 0603 and tested. From 0603 up to and including 2001 I was able to read all older UEFI BIOS's. As soon as I updated to 2202 I was no longer able to read the older ones. So something in the update does this.

    I have two identical systems and tested this out. So UEFI BIOS' 2202, 3201 and 3401 will not let me read older BIOS's. I even tried downloading fresh copies and still same results.

    Other than that so far so good, just what I saw on my systems
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    About the issue with the keyboard not being able to access the BIOS.

    I just got around to flashing this BIOS and had the same issue with the keyboard when flashing with my Corsair Strafe on my Hero VIII. What I done was flash back to previous BIOS then the standard "Reset to defaults and save" then plugged in my old Logitech K200 into a USB 2.0 and redone the 3401 flash with the old Logitech.

    I then done the standard "Reset to defaults and save" with the new BIOS and my Corsair now opens and works in the BIOS :-)

    I think this issue is to do with modern keyboards that have a firmware used during the flashing process .

    Hope this helps.
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