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    ROG Crosshair VI RAID1 Woes


    I was wondering if anyone could assist with regards to some RAID woes I've been having since I moved my RAID1 array over to this board.

    I am running BIOS 1002 and I've selected the SATA Mode to 'RAID'. I then restart and instead of the RAID Controller detecting my array properly (2x 2TB drives in RADI1 as array named WD-RAID) it detects each drive separately as being in it's own array without any name.

    It detects them as:

    1, Legacy 2.0TB
    2, Legacy 2.0TB

    It also says *BIOS Defaults Restored* above this...Not sure what that's meant to mean with regards to the above.


    If I try to examine the RAID via the Legacy AMD RAID ROM and choose 'Initialise Disks' it tells me they are part of another RAID and won't let me do anything with them

    I've moved this from a Gigabyte G1 Gaming, 990FX board which it was working fine with. I'm not entirely sure if I'm doing some daft here but I've moved the SATA connectors around on the board and in different orders to no avail.

    At the moment I've set the controller to AHCI and it's booting Windows 10 off the first drive in the array but I'm worried now that when this finally get's fixed if it's going to sync correctly to the 2nd disk.

    Has anyone had any of these issues? Is this a bug do you think? I've tested by moving the array back to my other AMD board and it see's it fine.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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