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    Quote Originally Posted by ASUS-OP View Post
    Hi BoutTime01,

    The G752VT comes with GTX970m utilizing Nvidia Optimus Technology. According to the product page (, its Thunderbol 3 has the link speed of up to 20Gbit/s. Hence yes, you will not get 100% of the performance of the XG STATION 2 on your notebook even if you made it working.

    This platform is still quite young, which still requires a few tweaks from both Host (notebook/PAD/miniPC) and Client (XG-STATON 2 & GPU in it) to allow it to perform at its best. Unfortunately the suggested testing methods were not made available at the time of review, result in unexpected results in some cases.
    It's a shame this is already the case. However, we will do our best to serve you to make sure the user experience of our customers are at their best shape.

    Thanks for getting back to me. But my understanding is that this laptop does not use Nvidia Optimistic Technology because the Intel Integrated Graphics are actually permanently disabled in the Bios and this cannot be changed. Can you confirm?

    Also with regards to the TB3 port, yes I've seen the support page you provided a link for, but there are also Asus support pages for the G752VY (not VT), and some say upto 20Gigbits/s and some say upto 40Gibbits/s. From what I can see the manual for my G752VT does not mention the data rate of the TB3 port at all.

    So my question is.....Rather than relying on an old support page written when only passive cables were available that supported upto only 20Gigbits/s, Is there a way to look at Device Manager or something, obtain a model number of the TB3 port/controller and then see for sure what speeds are supported?
    Surely you have access to a more reliable source of information than the Asus Support Site?

    Thanks again.

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