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    GL502VMK Thunderbolt Question

    So recently I bought a GL502VMK. Thunderbolt wasn't advertised as a feature at the best buy where I bought it, and likewise I see no mention of thunderbolt on the Asus product page.

    However while I was going through the pre installed apps I noticed that it has thunderbolt software installed. So naturally I was curious if it was old TB2 coming out the Mini DP or if it is TB3 coming out the USB type C. Unfortunately neither port is marked as thunderbolt, and none of the documentation (that came with the laptop or online) has any mention of it.

    So I headed to the internet. I have seen several threads (both on these forums and throughout the interwebs) where it has been debated exactly what form of thunderbolt these laptops have and I for the life of me can't make heads or tails of it.

    Getting even more confusing the XG Station 2 claims that it is compatible with the GL502VM. This would indicate that the 502VM has full on thunderbolt 3 over it's type c connector. Which begs the question, is my laptop considered a GL502VM, or is the VMK sub variant considered a completely separate line?

    So that's where I'm at. I don't know if its TB2 or TB3, don't know which port it is, and thanks to some of the threads I have read on this forum I'm not sure if it is full 40gbps or the low power 20gbps. lol

    Is there any way to tell what thunderbolt is in this damn thing, short of plugging in thunderbolt accessories and seeing if they work? lol Like why does the thunderbolt app give absolutely zero information about what hardware you have. Confusing as all get out. XD

    Thank you for your time, and sorry for the novel.

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