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    Question PCH Temperature up to 70C

    Hi all,

    I've been playing with C6H and a 1700, and so far I could do a stable 3.9Ghz with 32G of ram 8x4 at 3200Mhz using CAS 20-20-20-48-75 2T.
    I've ran that for more than a day, and I see that my PCH Temperature stays around 61C on IDLE, and go up to 70C on Load.

    After running about 15 hours of F@H using both CPU and GPU I get the following temperature reading using HWinfo64 v5.51-3135:
    - CPU (Tcl/Tdie) 59C (max 66C, avg 52C)
    - CPU 64C (max 71C, avg 56C)
    - Motherboard 43C (max 43C, avg 40C)
    - CPU (socket) 52C (max 52C, avg 48C)
    - VRM 54C (max ??, avg 50C) (the max reading had an issue and was reporting 101C, but it clearly never been that high)
    - PCH 65C (max 68C, avg 64C)
    - GPU 66C (max 67C, avg 63C)

    After gaming for 1 hour on Ghost Recon, the PCH went up to 70C !!

    I wanted to know if that's safe to have such a high temperature for the PCH, and also, I wanted to know what I could do to get a lower PCH?

    Talking about this in the forum I seem to be an alien there, everyone seems to have PCH between 45C and 55C.

    Could you please let me know if maybe the problem could be with the heatsink of the chipset that could have been badly seated in factory?

    I've done a Clear CMOS and I'm now doing a similar test with default to see how high it'll go, but already I see PCH went up to 64C...

    Thanks for your help

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    Mine hits 63-65C, dont think it a problem. Think the max temp for the PCH is 80-100C so 70C is ok.

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    That temp is normal for a PCH.

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    Mine is around the same temp. Hopefully the m.2 3d fan holder I just bought would move enough air to drop it a few degrees.

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    Especially when it sitting under the GPU, It's not the most ideal.

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    Case ventilation and airflow make a difference, too.

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    Thanks for your answers.

    Indeed I confirm that case ventilation makes a huge difference: running all fans full speed for 10 minutes (including GPU) will bring the PCH down to 48C.

    But I can see that with a normal ventilation speed on IDLE (CPU 300 RPM, Case 500 RPM, GPU 500 RPM) the system stay pretty quite and the PCH sits around 54C.

    It's only during high load (ie. some demanding games) that both GPU and PCH will raise to the 70C.

    Thanks for confirming it's not problem, now I'll sleep better, one thing less to worry about

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raja@ASUS View Post
    That temp is normal for a PCH.
    Does PCH have sensor within or one placed on mobo close to it?

    Cheers .
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    Just found this threat by searching the web. I was wondering, if 60-62 C is normal for the PCH under load.
    So I guess it is?
    normal workloads raise the temps only to about 42-44 C
    I also use the CH6

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    Mine 65

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