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    3 week old g20cb graphic issues nvidia gtx 1070

    Hello all! I just purchased a asus g20cb desktop and have been loving it. Unfortunate I am having serious issues. I was playing battlegrounds *when the pc crashed to a grey screen. After a reboot, I had a lot of artifacts onscreen and my gpu will not enable in device manager (code 43). I am shocked that one crash has resulted in what seems gpu failure.

    When the game crashed, I heard fans spin up to what seemed max rpm for 30 seconds. I was monitoring gpu temps which were at 79 deg c, so I do not believe heat is the issue. As it is new I am considering RMAing it out for repairs. I have tried several driver versions as well as a clean install of windows 10 with no change.

    Asus g20cb
    Nvidia GeForce gtx 1070
    16gb ram (8x2)
    Win 10 64 bit

    any input in the issue would be appreciated. I am no guru, but I strongly believe this is hardware related. As to not void the manafacturers warranty, I do not want to open the case to inspect.
    Here is a vid of the artifacts

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