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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterC@ASUS View Post
    After reviewing the prospect of adding a crossover function such as FlexBass, I regret to inform everyone that we will not be implementing a new function that was not promoted to existing products. We understand that for some people it could be beneficial, but we have already implemented both a Bass Boost function plus a 10-band equalizer to customize low-frequency output. From our tests, low frequencies do not result in distortion - provided that the headset or speakers used can handle it. Upgrading these components will not only improve your listening experience on our sound card, but also anything else you choose to connect them to.

    Such a function will certainly be a consideration for future products, we do appreciate your suggestions. Thanks.
    Well .. what a bad news that is. But thank You for not prolonging the time before sharing this dissapointing result with us. At least that aspect of Your reply is commendable.
    And on bit of a self-critical note: I should have studied Your card´s list of function most closely and not to naively rely on simple logic of expecting Your "newer, more expensive" SC to support such basic feature of the "older, much cheaper (Xonar DGX) " one.

    Practical implication of Your words above is that I ´m going to sell Your SC for it happens to be rather useless for the time being. Combination of my 2.0 speakers (Edifier S1000DB) with subwoofer (Taufel Motiv) is a decent one (that I´m not going to change any time soon), apart for the fact that the sub is factually inactive while paired with DLX.

    You wrote that the "function" (crossover/FlexBass) was not "promoted" .. Let me point out, that (in my mind) this crossover function is not to be promoted, but to be "expected as automatically included" or "taken for granted", especially at the premium price point of this (pro-gamers oriented) DLX card!
    It is not a "super-special-extra" feature to pompously advertise, but rather a "simple-basic" one (while being necessary for those of us using a speaker setup close to one mentioned above).

    I´m disappointed, but respect Your decision (what else can I do, right?) ..
    But this "mixed" emotions shall be reflected in my future buying preferences going forward - most likely not all that positively towards the Asus brand.
    We shall see (what ´wonders´ Asus and Life in general will produce).

    No hard (just a little sour) feelings,
    wishing You nice Spring (Summer etc.),

    Simon P.
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