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    please help this newb setup his new computer

    hello I have purchased a crosshair4 formula and connected the connector and everything, and I'm hoping to activate this computer however for some reason my power supply would not function, the rog button indicator on the computer has lighted up so I would guess that power is running through it, and the power oc button on the board is also lighted up. However I can't turn on the pc, and none of my fans on the case or the fan on the power supply works can someone help me with this problem. My case is an ANTEC 1200, and my power supply is dark beret 1000.

    Could it be that dark beret is not compatible with this board?

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    Sometimes you may have something not seated correctly or a short on the motherboard. I would recommend taking everything apart and reinstalling just the CPU and a single stick of memory. Try booting it that way first. If you can I would even take the motherboard out of the case. I've seen people install a motherboard without the standoffs in the case or get a screw caught behind the motherboard and that will cause a short and no boot.

    When it comes to connecting the power supply make sure that you have both the 24 pin and the 8 pin connector connected to the motherboard. It won't work without both.

    As to the PSU compatibility basically all power supplies for the consumer market are ATX and compatible with all motherboards in the consumer sector. You'd have to try really hard to find things that were not compatible.
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    I pretty much have the exact same problem as the poster. Installed a 1100 CPU, 2x4gb sticks of Gskill Ripjaws memory, Geforce 275GTX and power connections thru the 8 pin and 24 pin respectively. All the normal lights come on when switching on the PS but pressing the power button either on the board or thru the case results in nothing happening at all. No LED indicators for faults or anything. I used regular standoffs and the board is well supported. This sounds to me like a manufacturing defect as I have noticed a couple others with DOA performance. Is it RMA time for me as well?

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    plug on mobo only cpu (cooler cpu) 1 ram module and vga on pcie 1 or 3 plug speaker, plug powersuplu 4 pin or 8 pin cpu and 20 or 24 pin power motherboord
    run pc (bip speaker) if not boot pickup vga card and run pc (vga pickup) pib poster or diod on power 20 24 pin conector where led indicatoe stops cpu ram or vga?

    plug power on gpu 6 pin and 8 pin?

    lock on this video

    led post (power conector on mobo 24 pin one bip post ok many bip error ram or vga (reset bios booton on back mobo grean booton)
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