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    As I mentioned to others that are saying this. Our GPU Tweak team has been very involved in the past 6 months and we've fixed a lot of bugs in every version and we keep updating versions to target certain bugs so we're definitely moving in the right direction. All in-house software will take a long time to perfect because issues arise due to new products, drivers, OS updates, and other software compatibility. It takes a community effort to turn this into something that everyone will be happy with and this is what we've been trying to do in the past couple of months.
    This has been a problem for years. Asus bios, drivers and software have had issues for a very long time. It's kind of ridiculous that you guys are making hardware that you can't even release a stable software program for. The time to get your software fixed was years ago. To keep putting out the same garbage that grinds PCs to a halt and not to update the software in a more timely manner is inexcusable. It's time for Asus to invest some money into programmers that actually know how to code.

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