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    Which G20CI Bios to use?

    under the Bio download section of G20ci, there are "for oculus" and a normal one. how do i know which one i should download and flash?

    link :

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    The normal G20CI and Oculus Ready G20CI use different bios model names (looks like the Oculus ready version has a '-O' at the end of the bios model name like G20CI-O) which can be checked when you look at the filename download, or actually just download the files to compare the names.

    Compare that with the bios model of your unit either in the bios or displayed by running the EZ flash bios utility (after checking the bios model name, you can just quit the utility without flashing if you wish).

    Also, when you try to flash the bios, the flash utility will let you compare the bios model names and should give you a warning and prevent you from flashing the wrong bios.

    Hope this helps!

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