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    Let your ideas be heard - Project Dream Machine by ASUS ROG

    Help ROG make your Dream Machine

    The ROG team really is a Republic of Gamers. Our staff includes competitive players, hardcore overclockers, and general gaming and tech enthusiasts. From engineering to design to marketing, we share a passion for creating the best PC hardware for gamers—and ourselves. Our passion isn’t unique; many in the PC gaming and hardware communities have the same drive and enthusiasm, and we want to harness it to make better products that everyone can enjoy. Project Dream Machine was created to bridge the gap between ROG R&D and the community. We’ve launched a dedicated forum to discuss what you’d like to see in the ultimate gaming machine and other ROG products.

    ASUS ROG Corporate VP Joe Hsieh summarizes the project well: “ROG’s main goal is to provide gamers with the ultimate gaming hardware, and we’re constantly striving to develop products that gamers need. We believe that great products start with great design, and great design always starts from an incredible idea. We want to hear what gamers want in their dream machine, and we’ll work towards making that dream come true.”

    Project Dream Machine took its first steps at our Outshine the Competition event in Germany earlier this month. We asked 150 ROG fans for input on their ideal gaming rig, and the top 10 attended a special session to discuss their ideas directly with ROG product managers. We also held a separate session with players from ROG-sponsored Ninjas in Pyjamas, who provided valuable insight on what professional gamers need to compete at the highest level of esports.

    Those initial discussions covered a wide range of subjects, including overclocking, cooling, and peripherals. There was consensus on pursing top performance and avoiding the constraints that compromise purely mobile devices. The ROG fans who participated want liquid-cooled machines with quiet acoustics, and they want them to be easy to build. They also crave larger monitors—at least 27”—with high resolutions and refresh rates.

    Now, we want to know what you want. This thread is open for everyone to discuss their dream machine along with ideas for other ROG gear. It will be monitored by our staff, providing a direct link between the community and our internal R&D teams. This is your chance to influence the development of PC gaming hardware. We hope to make two community-driven products per year, and we’re excited to have you be a part of the process.

    Thread rules:
    1) Please DO NOT post anything inappropriate, anything with: racism, sexism, nudity, politics, and profanity is strictly prohibited
    2) Please DO NOT criticize other people's ideas, this is a thread dedicated to promote discussion and not a flaming war

    Incentives for posting on this thread:
    1) Chance to be heard by internal product teams at ASUS
    2) If we plan to implement your ideas into a new product, we may consult with you during the development process, providing opportunities for you to follow behind-the-scenes progress and share additional ideas.
    3) Be one of the first to receive a final sample of a product that you were a part of creating.

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