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    Quote Originally Posted by Korth View Post
    Some of the competition <ahem, MSI and EVGA> sometimes sells mobos and GPU cards in red, yellow, green, blue, black, etc - you specify which colour(s) theme you prefer, even though it sometimes costs a little more.

    ROG always comes in blood red and black. I realize that the specific style and (colour) theme is part of ROG branding. Immediately recognized as ROG. Exclusively available from ROG. Proud to be ROG.

    But many people want pure black on black. Some people want gold on black, Tron green on black, whatever. And they want it on a specific product (motherboard model, GPU card model, etc) - they've already chosen that product after much careful thought/impulse/budgeting and they don't really want to buy the "Black Edition" product instead simply because it clashes less with the build theme they'd prefer. So many times I have seen ROG customers woefully lament the fact that their *perfect* ROG motherboard has the "wrong" colour(s).

    If there's a customer demand for more variety - and apparently some willingness to pay more to get it - then why not sell it? I'm sure a "blue" ROG product would still be instantly recognized as a ROG product - if/when there is product ambiguity, gamers will make the effort to learn exact brand whenever they're impressed by the style/spec/performance.

    I do understand (quite well!) the challenges inherent in manufacturing and distributing/shipping different flavours of each product. But the internet can magically deploy items to peoples' homes (or to their local hardware vendors), it's really not that hard to do anymore.


    And perhaps also learn a lesson from Corsair's marketing. Each time you buy a major Corsair product (complete chassis, costly PSU, RAM kit, etc) you get a few coupons in the box which are redeemable for a few dollars or a few percent off other (but related) Corsair products (like chassis fans, PSU dust-filters, RAM coolers, etc). Lose a few dollars on the accessory item sale instead of losing the entire sale to a competitor.

    Some customers are brand purists: all ROG all the way, they want to proudly display every logo and sticker and badge they can get. More ROG = more brag and swag.

    Other customers are brand users: ROG is trusted for being the "best" and for pushing maximum performances ... but other brands are compelling, too, and whichever items appear "better" (and/or cheaper) will win out over ROG as often as not.
    Gotta be proactive and gotta offer bribes - because that's what the competition is doing. Some gamers upgrade whole platforms every season, but most gamers only buy new mobo or PSU or GPU parts every few years and some of these get hooked away from ROG by things like coupons.

    Once 3D-printing quality improves, this won't be too difficult to pull off. We dipped our toes a little with the Strix 1080, which originally had 3D-printable, changeable parts (albeit in the wrong location for conventional orientation).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skunk View Post
    I will chip in with my thoughts from a small form factor perspective, as that has been growing in popularity lately and something I know quite well.


    - Raja, we talked about this some at CES when we met. I'd like to see PIO-style motherboard with the PCI-e slot at a right angle on the opposite side of the motherboard. This would eliminate the need for a PCI-e extension (short ones go for $35-40 and longer high-quality ones, like 3M, go for $80) and orient the video card cooler in the same direction at the CPU cooler. This allows the orientation of the computer to be laid down without a need for ventilation on the bottom. I have plenty more ideas for how this design could be made to be extremely flexible to suit a variety of video cards, storage, and cooling components in very efficient packaging. A pre-built or barebones kit offers a path to market for this style, and I'm sure if the motherboard is standard for a PIO, there will be cases designed and made for it.

    - Another option would be to join the Micro-STX bandwagon that ASRock is pushing and has the SFF community excited...albeit a reserved excitement. The reservation is because the MXM video cards are VERY expensive right now, as there is no real commercial market for them. However, were ASUS jump in with ASRock, that could very well increase demand volumes to where MXM cards are comparable to AIB's. There are already custom cases being made for the limited quantities of ASRock boards.


    - Aftermarket Poseidon cooler (especially for Dual-GPU). More people want to shove more powerful components into smaller cases. Managing thermals in small form factor is difficult, hybrid air/water coolers definitely can help there, increasing the thermal dissipation area. Other vendors have offered aftermarket coolers for cards like the Titan in the past; no reason I see why ASUS couldn't do the same with a hybrid air/water cooler that would be a unique offering.

    Side rant - Just please be mindful of the size of the cooler (this goes for all GPU coolers in general)...ASUS is good about recessing the PEG's, but the area over the CPU and memory could also be cut down to allow for lower profile to recess the terminal for the G1/4" fittings. The thickness is also getting a bit excessive...competitors are able to out-cool the monster Strix without needing to go beyond 2 slots width. The length needs to be cut a review, the cooling capacity of a competitors 1080 Mini was more than adequate and could potentially cool a 1080 Ti, even.

    - Impact boards...for X370 and Z370 chipsets. Just do the I/O correctly:
    - Z370 - Thunderbolt as well as U.2 for Optane
    - X370 - expose the SATA Express PCI-e lanes as a x4 PCI-e 3.0 M.2 (M-Key) for a second M.2 storage device at full speed
    - Ethernet - something like Tehuti Networks TN4010 MAC + Intel X557-AT PHY for a power efficient and cost effective 100/1000/10G interface
    - USB 2.0 header - lots of devices still use this and nobody has made an internal USB 3.0 hub (maybe ASUS making an internal USB 3.0 hub could mitigate this...the silicon is already availble with the external units)
    - TPM - many people go with SFF for portability reasons; therefore security should be higher priority and TPM can help with that
    - Apex-style voltage regulation components with high-quality 8-phase (high phase switching frequency) for the CPU
    - Expose all USB ports through back I/O and headers
    - Minimum 8 10K thermal probe headers (can be through expansion card)...if you're implementing a feature, as you have in the past, let it be able to be used to handle everything
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, dude.

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    My pleasure! I'll add an AM4 configuration which I'm sure would take considerable development, but bring a good amount of capability to the consumer:

    I/O From Processor

    x16 PCI-e 3.0 to Broadcom PEX 8747 (?, really whatever switch was used on the Radeon SSG)
    x4 PCI-e 3.0 to Tehuti Networks TN4010 MAC and Intel X557-AT (10GBASE-T/1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX)
    4 USB 3.1 Gen1 ports

    I/O From Broadcom PEX 8747 (?)

    x16 PCI-e 3.0 GPU slot
    x4 PCI-e 3.0 M.2 slot
    x4 PCI-e 3.0 M.2 slot

    I/O From X300 Chipset

    x2 PCI-e 3.0 to 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ad/ae/ax + BT5 M.2 card
    x1 PCI-e 3.0 to ASMedia ASM3142 USB 3.1 Gen2 2 x Type-C ports with DisplayPort Alternate Mode
    x1 PCI-e 3.0 to ASMedia ASM3142 USB 3.1 Gen2 USB 3.1 Gen2 header
    2 SATA III ports
    TPM header

    The idea here is to create a set-up that can handle an SSG-style configuration where both the CPU and GPU have direct access to the M.2 drives, deconflicted with the Heterogeneous Unified Memory Architecture (HUMA). But, instead of a $10,000 graphics card, you use whatever standard graphics solution, discreet or integrated; if you happen to have an AMD graphics card and populate one or both M.2 slots, it could function just like the SSG. This would probably take considerable development to get the firmware working appropriately, as this is extending the SSG concept to include main system storage volumes along side the extended cache tier of the GPU (possibly being the same in the case of video files, textures, etc.); however, I the pointer issue should be able to be solved with HUMA technology, especially considering this is at a slower storage tier than main system memory where HUMA was designed to work.

    Future storage technologies (memristor, ReRAM, etc.) would also benefit this as well, if they were to be populated in the M.2 slots.

    Edit: just found out ASMedia updated their USB 3.1 Gen2 to the ASM3142
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    I would like to see a minimalist line; extreme budget considerations, performance-centric trade offs, maintains some semblance of ROG style. Like the old ASUS Brown pcb mobos, but good.

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    How about RGBW headers for dedicated white, the white isn't so white with RGB.

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    did anyone mention ROG themed M.2 heatsinks?

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    Wouldn't it be great to have some kind of fully integrated X99 or Z270 that has embedded CPUs, graphic cards, RAMs, M.2 SSDs and cooled by a single huge monoblock?

    Just realised that I don't even have an account here after reading on this forum for years*

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    First off, make ALL of your products available in the US!!! I've been getting hammered by import fees on both my asus rog rgb hb sli bridge and the claymore with cherry mx blue switches. That was an extra $200 I would've rather spent on nearly anything else.


    I'm not sure if I'm in the minority or not, but I REALLY like being able to choose what is attached to my motherboard. Things like onboard sound, 10 sata headers (large storage is cheap), 10usb 2.0 ports (more 3.0 and usb-c please!), and onboard wifi are all things that, to me, are clutter. If I want something that can be added, I will have researched and agonized over it already. You guys implementing a mixed high-end but with some concessions solution, especially in the case of sound and to a lesser extent, wifi, is just muddying the waters.

    LN2 sensors are just silliness for all but the super minority of enthusiasts (a super minority of a minority). I get that it can be important for bragging rights and marketing, but I don't see myself ever going any further than phase-change from my current liquid cooling. Please consider making this an add-on card/optional buy.

    ROG HB SLI Bridges not included with a $600 motherboard or $780 graphics cards kinda made me mad.

    Drop the U.2 connectors.

    What I do like/want:

    MONOBLOCKS (!!!) (Especially when you work with EK, please license them to include the rog sword logo on their blocks, though. It is a collaboration, after all.) (They had to change their rampage v edition 10 monoblock.)
    Multiple M.2 slots (!!!)
    Ability to hardware raid 0 M.2 drives without taking up cpu pcie lanes (!!!) (Will be less of a problem in the future, it seems.)
    Pump header is cool
    Dual LAN ports
    Asus rgb aura sync is awesome, just keep adding vendors and take some notes from competitors in terms of software.
    Safe-slot for these heavy strix 1080tis
    A mix of armor and a monoblock could look really cool together
    Black on black theme is awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Menthol View Post
    did anyone mention ROG themed M.2 heatsinks?
    This is a very good idea, the M.2 SSDs do get very hot so it would not only serve as a visual purpose but also to help cool down the chip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nate152 View Post
    How about RGBW headers for dedicated white, the white isn't so white with RGB.
    RGB+W is definitely better than normal RGB strips, but currently I think it's more of a cost and availability factor which makes normal RGB strips the more preferred choice.

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