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    Lightbulb Temporary fix for the touchpad bug on G752VS - possibly solved??

    Hi everyone,

    Bored by the non-responsiveness of ASUS officials, I've messed around with the touchpad bug when resuming the laptop from sleep.

    1. Open "Device Manager";
    2. Expand "Human Interface Devices" section;
    3. Right-click on "ASUS Precision Touchpad";
    4. Click "Disable";
    5. Right-click on "ASUS Precision Touchpad"
    6. Click "Enable

    This does the trick and gets back the gestures working after sleep.

    I'm not kind of a click guy, so I've automated this whole process.
    Download this. It's a simple bat script I wrote which restarts the driver using devcon so that's why the devcon64.exe is in the archive.

    Note: You need both files in the same directory for the script to work.

    This enables you to only open the TouchpadFix file manually after windows resume.

    Furthermore, you could schedule a task via "Task Scheduler".

    Here are the task properties I've set:

    Single trigger "On Event"

    Make sure you uncheck "Start only if the computer is on AC power"

    So if you schedule a new task, you won't even need to open the TouchpadFix file manually.

    Hope I helped.

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