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    G751jy motherboard / dc board compatibility

    I may have a faulty dc board on my G751jy. At any rate, power has become more and more sporadic - first flickering when the GPU was particularly active, then not drawing power when there's a graphics intensive application in the foreground, and now not drawing power at all except when the computer is shut down.

    Makes me wonder if a loose connection in the dc board or motherboard is responding to the ambient temperature, and losing connectivity when the heat rises.

    Anyway, I've been trying to find a replacement dc card ... but I'm not certain how exact a match I should be looking for. There are plenty of G750-G752 dc cards out there, but few or none matching my own card's exact specs (which also seems to be about 10x as expensive as the others ).

    Mine is a 60NB06M0-DC1050

    I don't have enough tech/build savvy to know precisely what those numbers mean, or what variations (if any) are "close enough" should I need to replace mine.

    I figured the modders/builders around here would likely know .... so, uh.... help?


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