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    G551VW doesn't boot, and Caps lock indicator remains on.

    Hi everyone.

    First off, my name is Shaantanu and I'm new to the community.

    I own a G551VW-FI242T, and have run into a weird issue. Whenever I press the power button, the power LED flashes and then remains on steadily. At the same time, the battery power LED flashes green once, and keeps blinking green. The hard drive indicator doesn't turn on, but the airplane mod LED does flash once, after which, the latter remains off. The weirdest of all is the caps lock LED, which flashes once and then remains switched on steadily.

    The power button's own light is also on, and the DVD drive is powered, since pressing the eject button does eject the tray. I can also feel the area under the CPU getting noticeably warm after a few seconds. Other than the aforementioned events, the system doesn't do anything else. I've done power cycling by removing the battery and then pressing the power button for 60 seconds. In addition, I removed and reseated the RAMs and the HDD. Neither of these worked.

    Is there any other fix besides replacing the laptop? And if that's the only thing I can do, how can I get my research data out of the hard drive?

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